True fitness always starts from within.

It comes from our heart.
When our passion energizes the body, and inspires us to greater heights.

It comes from our mind.
When we clearly envision and focus on the possibilities ahead, then plan ways to achieve them.

It comes from our soul.
When we have faith enough to act in spite of our doubts and fears, and make those possibilities into realities.

Somewhere inside, every single person has an energy that is absolutely incredible - a power to achieve things far beyond what they ever thought possible. We like to call it POSITIVE CHARGE.

True fitness of body, mind, and soul is about reaching inside, tapping into that power, and using it to consistently move our lives in a positive direction.

At the core of POSITIVE CHARGE: Passion, Vision, and Faith.

Only when we get passionate are we truly moved to change. At POSITIVE CHARGE, we bring our passion to the table - for every client, every session. It is an energy, and genuine caring, that goes beyond mere cheerleading. We ask the right questions. We listen. Then we ask some more. We keep at it, until we help you find that deep, emotional reason - that passion - needed to drive you forward.

Everybody knows that they should exercise, but not everybody knows what to do about it. There are just so many myths, worthess gimmicks, and outright lies about exercise and nutrition floating around these days. You need a plan that is SAFE, SMART, and EFFECTIVE for YOU. We help you define and visualize your immediate and long-term fitness goals. Then, using tried and true methods, scientifically proven to get results, we engineer individually customized, progressive fitness programs for each of our clients - programs that are tailored to your unique and specific body type, fitness level, and personality. We don't just show up and count the reps of a cookie cutter workout. We do our homework. We track your results and constantly make adjustments, as your progress dictates, until you get the absolute maximum results possible. POSITIVE CHARGE is working hard for our clients long after the training session is over.

A little faith goes a long way. Sometimes it's all we need to break through to that next level. POSITIVE CHARGE never loses sight of how important this is to our clients. We believe in you, even during those times when you aren't believing in yourself. We know that doubt, fear, and negative focus are the worst enemies to your success - not just in fitness, but in all aspects of your life. The right amount of faith, coupled with passion and vision, creates the most powerful breakthroughs imaginable. That's why cultivating a client/trainer relationship based on absolute trust and faith is so important to us - and why we work so hard at it. It might be the single most important quality of a successful fitness professional.

Empowered with these three crucial components, incredible, lasting results are within anyone's reach. They are the ideals that shape and guide the POSITIVE CHARGE fitness experience.

Passion. Vision. Faith.

Body. Mind. Soul.


Find yours.

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